Keeping Alumni Informed

We produce several publications of interest to keep alumni informed and up-to-date. These publications have a wide range of topics and audiences. Visit the following publications for more information, current news, and to view past issues.

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Conrad School Newsletter: Sign up for our termly newsletter to stay up to date on Conrad School news.

Conrad School News: The Conrad School website is updated regularly with current news.

Faculty of Engineering

Waterloo Engineering Alumni Letter (WEAL): WEAL is published for Waterloo Engineering alumni. It is mailed once a year in September. Starting in 2009, eWEAL, the faculty’s new electronic alumni publication, will be produced three times a year.

Faculty of Engineering Annual Report: The Annual Report is published for Waterloo Engineering alumni and friends. It is mailed once a year in April.

Faculty of Engineering News: The Faculty of Engineering News web site is updated regularly with current news.

University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo Magazine: The Waterloo Magazine is published for all University of Waterloo alumni. It is mailed two times a year: June and December.

Waterloo Alumni E-newsletter: The Waterloo Alumni E-newsletter is published for all UWaterloo alumni and is sent electronically once a month.

Waterloo Daily Bulletin: The UWaterloo Daily Bulletin is updated daily with current news and events.