Earth and Environmental Sciences combines geology with studies in surface and groundwater, as well as the engineering properties of rocks and soils. We invite you to learn more about our internationally recognized research from helping communities protect groundwater resources to understanding the mysteries of geologic processes deep within the Earth.

As active researchers, we offer our students a hands-on learning experience in addition to innovative degrees and programs, such as TERRE CREATE, Canada’s first nationally funded program designed to train the next generation of sustainable mining professionals.

Our unique Earth Sciences Museum and its K-12 outreach program give us the chance to share our passion with the community. The Department is also an active supporter and participant of the Water Institute.

  1. Nov. 7, 2017Artificial sweeteners in groundwater indicate contamination from septic wastewaterDomestic well water monitored with a portable water quality meter prior to sampling for chemical analyses. Photo: John Spoelstra

    Waterloo researchers have found that more than 30 per cent of rural groundwater samples collected in the Nottawasaga River Watershed, including those from domestic wells, show evidence for contamination by local septic system wastewater.

  2. Oct. 27, 2017Brittney Glass awarded the 2017 Farvolden ScholarshipColourized image of satellite date. Credit: B. Glass.

    The Farvolden Scholarship, funded by Earth and Environmental Sciences alumni, was presented this year to Brittney Glass, a PhD student supervised by Prof. Dave Rudolph.

    Brittney’s research uses satellite data to pinpoint evidence of groundwater-surface water interaction within areas of discontinuous permafrost in the Central MacKenzie Valley, Northwest Territories.

  3. Sep. 25, 2017Efforts to reduce pollution from agriculture paying off slowlySoil runoff from a local field.

    Efforts by farmers to reduce the amount of fertilizer that reaches drinking water sources can take years to have a positive impact, according to a recent study from the University of Waterloo.

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  1. Nov. 23, 2017Fall 2017 BSc Thesis Symposium Day

    You are invited to attend the Fall 436 and 499 Thesis Symposium Day where students present their BSc thesis and 4th year projects.

    All talks are 15 minutes with 5 minutes for discussion and will take place in DC 1302 and 1304. And of course refreshments will be provided. The event begins at 8:30 and runs until 4:30pm.

    Come out and support our 4th year students!

  2. Nov. 25, 2017MINE! A book launch eventMINE! Natalie Hyde's lasted book launch at the Earth Sciences Museum

    Join author Natalie Hyde at the University of Waterloo's Earth Sciences Museum for the launch of her most recent book MINE!

  3. Dec. 5, 2017MSc Thesis Defence: Ying WANG

    Statistical Analysis of Till Geochemistry in the Nelson River Area, Northeastern Manitoba:  Implications for Quaternary Glacial Dynamics

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