Coop student in front of open pit mine at Agnico Eagle Mine site

Co-op in Earth and Environmental Sciences starts halfway through second year (after the 2A Fall term).

During your 2A school term, you'll complete Professional Development (PD) 1, a combination of career development advice and co-op work search process information which will prepare you for co-op. PD2 is completed during your first work term placement.

A total of four PD courses are required. 

Co-op work term report guidelines

  • Your first work term report is part of your PD1 and PD2 courses done during your first work term and is submitted and credited via Co-op Education and Career Services. 
  • Your subsequent work term reports must be submitted to Luke Balch ten days after the start of classes in the term following your work term placement. Please submit hard copies of the work report to the Earth and Environmental Science office.
  • All Honours Earth and Environmental Sciences Co-op are required to submit 2nd, 3rd and 4th work term reports to the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department for evaluation. Your work term report must follow the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department Work Term Report Guidelines. Your report will be evaluated with the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department Work Term Report Rubric (PDF).
  • A total of four work term report credits and four PD courses are required to graduate with the co-op designation.