Farvolden Scholarship

The R.N. Farvolden Endowment Scholarship was founded in 1990 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Dr. Robert Farvolden's arrival at the University of Waterloo and his initiation of the groundwater research program. Dr. Farvolden was Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences (1970-1977) and Dean of the Faculty of Science (1977-1982).  The scholarship honours the pioneering contributions to hydrogeologic education by Dr. Farvolden at the University of Waterloo, particularly in the areas of international groundwater resource development.  The endowment has been established from the proceeds of a short course on Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids organized by a group including graduate students and professors in the Department of Earth Sciences and continues to be supported by colleagues, friends and alumni of the Department.

The scholarship is awarded annually in the fall to a graduate student in the hydrogeology program within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  To be eligible, the student must be registered full time and be in either their first or early second year of the M.Sc. program or in the second or third year of their Ph.D. program.  In the selection,  priority is given to students who are conducting hydrogeological research pertaining to the protection, management or sustainability of groundwater resources for drinking water security or ecosystem health.  Relevant, innovative research on aspects of both groundwater quantity and quality will be considered.  Priority is also given to students who do not already hold any other major scholarship.  The value of the award is $7500.

Application Requirements: 

  • a detailed description of your thesis and its applicability to the award criteria (one page maximum)
  • short personal biography
  • applications are due by mid-September each year. Scholarship application form
  • Submit applications to the Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Previous award winners:

  • 2020 Christian Capehart
  • 2019 Jiangyu (Joey) Ju
  • 2018 Amerrah Rashad
  • 2017 Brittney Glass
  • 2016-Adrian Mellage
  • 2015-Paul Menkveld
  • 2014-Daniel MacDonald
  • 2013-Gabriel Bocca-Cortes
  • 2012-Calin Hillier
  • 2011-Natalie Senger
  • 2010-Andrew Wiebe
  • 2009-Emily Henkemans
  • 2008-Marcelo Sousa
  • 2007-Steve Berg
  • 2006-Jason Cole
  • 2005-Loren Bekeris
  • 2004-Edwin Cey
  • 2003-Jennifer Hancox & Randy Stotler
  • 2002-Jesse Stimson
  • 2001-Tessa Di Iorio & John Piersol
  • 2000-Derek Brunner
  • 1999-Chris Turner
  • 1998-Randa Sultan
  • 1997-Jennifer Collins
  • 1996-Rebecca Jacksteit
  • 1995-Masaki Hayashi
  • 1994-G Graham
  • 1992-Roger Gonzalez-Herrera
  • 1991-Ondrej Sracek