GRADflix is a research communications competition for graduate students that challenges them to combine their studies with some creative flair. Students submit videos that explain their work in an accessible and understandable way to non-specialist audiences. Paul Sherk’s video titled, "Permeable reactive barriers: A strategy for acid mine drainage remediation," took a broadcast news approach to share his research and was the 2024 GRADflix showcase winner.  

For his video, Sherk takes on all the roles for the news broadcast including the host, field correspondent, and in-studio expert. In 60 seconds, he breaks down his research on passive groundwater remediation while keeping viewers entertained with his engaging concept.  

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“As an avid photographer/cinematographer, I saw the GRADflix competition as a perfect way to merge two aspects of my life,” says Sherk. “A great deal of research is confined behind the paywalls of scientific journals, making it inaccessible to the general public, so my main goal was to present my research in a form of media that was accessible and entertaining. Having the ability to share research in various formats is a vital skill for a researcher, as it allows for wider reception from a more diverse audience.” 

When not researching or winning short film competitions, Sherk works as a videographer for Imprint (the UW student newspaper), plays sports, likes hiking and camping, and spends time enjoying the great outdoors. 

Congratulations on your achievement Paul!