Peter Russell awarded the Distinguished Volunteer Award from the Geological Association of Canada

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Peter Russell
Peter Russell, the University of Waterloo's Earth Science Museum curator emeritus has been awarded the Distinguished Volunteer Award from the Geological Association of Canada!

This award recognizes him for the many years creating illustrations for Geoscience Canada, starting in 1974 and continuing even through this year.

"I started illustrating Geoscience Canada in 1974 with India Ink and Letratone textures on Mylar in glorious black and white, encouraged by Gerry Middleton, Karen Dawe and more. Graphics on computers changed things making colour illustrations a possibility. Now I illustrate on my iPad from anywhere.. Portugal, Waterloo or Arizona no problem!"

See a collection of some of his beautiful illustrations below!

Illustration of Newfoundland and Laborador topopgraphy with a fiddle and rock hammer bow

Illustration of octahedrons sticking out of a rock, with photos of researchers beside it

Illustration of a map showing Southern Brazil, alongside grapes and a glass of wine

Illustration of a pocket of pebbly rock surrounded by layers of other rock

Illustration of magma chamber underneath the ground

Black and white illustration of spiky rocks. Caption: Mineralization Related to Post-Acadian Tectonism in Southern New Brunswick

Illustration of small organism fossils on top of layers of rock

Illustration of a dump truck holding grey rocky material, beside images of rocky materials and geological formations

Illustration of subduction zone of two techtonic plates