Gwilym Roberts Memorial Scholarship

The Gwilym Roberts Memorial Scholarship is intended to pay tribute to a remarkable professor and the first Economic Geologist in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences who paved the foundation for many geologists in their careers. The scholarship(s) is given as an Entrance Scholarship(s) to students wishing to enroll in the Honours Earth Sciences program, with a preference to students indicating the Geology Specialization. The value of the award is up to $1,500 payable in two installments at the beginning of Year 1 and the beginning of Year 2, provided the awardee remains enrolled in the Honours Earth Sciences program.

Past Recipients:

2019 - Caroline Robertson

2019 - Alexander Jaszczur

2018 - Nickolas Mesich

2018 - Corey Zanatta

2018 - Brianna O'Brien

2017 - Cindy Li

2017 - Johnathan Clarke

2017 - Myles Schulz

2016 - Puvaanah Arrumugam

2015 - Kaden McCulloch

2014 – Ivan Edgeworth