Independent studies and special topics enrolment form

If you're taking an independent studies or special topics course, you may be able to count the course as one of your work/community experiences. Submitting this form will give us the information we need to confirm your course's compatibility with the EDGE program.

We recommend talking to your professor about your interest in counting your course as an EDGE experience before submitting this form. A member of the EDGE team will contact your professor to discuss your course's compatibility with EDGE within several days of the form's submission. If you're completing an experiential learning course, you need to meet all of the following criteria to receive an EDGE credit for your experience:

18 hours

Experiential learning courses involve at least 18 hours of work with a third party in a term.

Academic performance

You need to pass the course to receive an EDGE milestone.


You need an evaluation from the third party involved in your course.


You need to submit a reflective assignment to the EDGE team.

Here are some examples of courses we've approved as EDGE experiences in recent terms:

Course Description
CHEM 494 Research Project
MSCI 421 Strategic Management of Technology
MUSIC 355 Music and Culture Travel Course
PACS 395 Peace and Conflict Studies Travel Course
PSYCH 264 Research Apprenticeship
PSYCH 464 Advanced Research Apprenticeship
HLTH 305 Community Development and Engagement in Public Health
MUSIC 392 Special Topics in Global Music
REC 252 Therapeutic Recreation: Physical Disabilities

Because the experiential components of these courses (and others like them) change on a termly basis, they need to be approved each term to ensure they continue to align with the experiential learning course criteria provided above. When these courses give students the opportunity to experience a real or simulated work environment, they're approved as EDGE milestones. 

If you have a question about independent studies/special topics courses or the associated approval process, send us an email at

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

Enter the course code of your independent studies or special topics course.
Please provide details about why the course you are submitting should be considered for approval. Include details about the relevant project(s) and provide details about what parts of the course meet the requirements detailed above.
Please list a potential individual to provide an evaluation of your performance in the course. Ideally, this individual is the third party community/industry partner involved in the course or your specific project work.
If you have access to your course's syllabus, submit it here.
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