Supervisor responsibilities

If you're supervising a student completing an EDGE work or community experience, there's no need to worry about EDGE's impact on your workload or habits.

In order to receive milestones for work or community experiences, EDGE students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 36 hours of experiential learning in a given term
  • Receive an evaluation from a supervisor
  • Submit a reflective activity focused on the experience to the EDGE team
  • Successfully pass an elective professional development (PD) course while completing the EDGE experience

Students can't count their experience towards EDGE completion unless all of the elements above are completed and recognized by EDGE staff. If you already give your students feedback and an evaluation at the end of their time with you, EDGE should fit into your schedule without issue, and pre-approving your experience will save you even more time.

If you have any specific questions about EDGE impacting your workload or day-to-day activity, contact us at