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Submitting this form will initiate the EDGE registration process. If you have any questions about registration or the EDGE program, please contact us at before completing and submitting this form.

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By completing and submitting this registration form, I acknowledge that providing the information below doesn't guarantee my acceptance into the EDGE program. I acknowledge that all communication with the EDGE team will be sent to the University of Waterloo email address I will provide while completing the form. I also acknowledge that it's my responsibility to monitor that email account. Finally, I acknowledge that it's my responsibility to ensure that the contact information listed under my name in Quest is correct.
AccessAbility Services * (required)
The University of Waterloo is committed to ensuring all students can access, and meaningfully participate, in their education. Students registered with AccessAbility Services may be eligible to receive accommodations on their work in EDGE (e.g. assignments). If you need accommodations to support you in the completion of EDGE, do you consent to have current and/or future accommodation plans shared with the EDGE team?
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