MASc seminar - Daniel Rodrigues

Friday, September 11, 2015 2:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT


Daniel Rodrigues


A HW/SW Fuel Gauge ADC Solution for Mobile Electronics Applications


David Nairn


Power consumption is one of the key considerations in any mobile electronics design. As technology roadmaps advance in the mobile and wearable markets, there will be an evident push for lower power consumption in terms of chipsets and applications. With this in mind, battery technology will have to keep up with higher energy densities, lower cost, and all the while, also reducing the overall dimensions as size is one of the other major constraints in most mobile/wearable designs. Emphasizing a well thought-out power system design is necessary to optimize battery usage. This is especially important as companies creating battery-powered devices will continue to want to maximize the usage of the battery to give its users a high quality user experience. An important aspect of power system design is the fuel gauge algorithm. A fuel gauge is a measurement and reporting tool that gives a user the ability to understand the status and capacity of the battery. This thesis delivers a full solution which includes a SAR ADC to provide the necessary HW to collect the measurements of the battery and a fuel gauge algorithm which implements the design in SW to report the battery life to the user.