Information for new students (MASc, MEng and PhD)

Required training

Graduate students are required to complete the following training programs and familiarize themselves and comply with the department's safety policies and procedures:

  1. Academic integrity module: All new graduate students are required to complete the Graduate Academic Integrity Module on Waterloo LEARN by the end of the second month of their first term of registration. If this is not complete, students will not be able to add courses in their second term.
  2. Employee Safety Orientation - SO1001
  3. Workplace Violence Awareness - SO1081
  4. Employee WHMIS 2015 - SO2017
  5. Accessibility training
  6. Safety manual: All graduate students must review the department's safety manual and comply with its policies, procedures, rules and instructions.

IMPORTANT: You may be required to take additional training courses, depending on your research or lab access (granted by your supervisor).

Office space

Teaching and research assistants

If you are being paid as a Teaching or Research Assistant or are receiving a Research Studentship, please ensure that you have completed the necessary paperwork for the Human Resources Office (payroll). The following 3 documents must be completed and submitted prior to the payroll cut-off date if you are a new student.

  • Personal Information Form
  • Federal TD1 Form
  • Ontario TD1 Form

International students

International students will be interested in the International Student Office. Their team is equipped to assist international students in all aspects of their transition to living and studying in Canada.


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