Fall 2024 Courses

Fall 2024 Graduate Courses Offered

The University of Waterloo schedule of classes shows the courses and professors who are teaching courses in each term.  The table below shows available courses and links to tentative descriptions to course content where it has been provided by the professor.

Note: Fall 2024 courses will be held in person only, except for Online Power MEng courses.

Course Number Title Instructor

ECE 601

Nahas, Hassan

ECE 603

Statistical Signal Processes

Michailovich, Oleg

ECE 604

Stochastic Processes

Mazumdar, Ravi

ECE 606

Algorithm Design and Analysis

Tripunitara, Mahesh

ECE 630 Physics and Models of Semiconductor Devices Bajcsy, Michael

ECE 633

Yoon, Youngki

ECE 635

Fabrication in the Nanoscale:Principles, Technology, and Applications

Miao, Guo-Xing

ECE 636

Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits

Levine, Peter

ECE 637

Digital Integrated Circuits

Gaudet, Vincent

ECE 650 Methods and Tools for Software Engineering Wasef, Albert

ECE 654

Software Reliability Engineering

Deitl, Werner

ECE 655

Protocols, Software and Issues in Mobile Systems

Naik, Sagar

ECE 660

Operation and Control of Future Integrated Energy Systems

Kazerani, Mehrdad

ECE 662 Power Systems Analysis and Control El-Shatshat, Ramadan

ECE 665

High Voltage Engineering Applications

Jayaram, Sheshakamal

ECE 671

Mansour, Raafat

ECE 675

Radiation and Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields

Ramahi, Omar

ECE 682

Nielsen, Christopher

ECE 710
Topic 23

Ho, Pin-Han

ECE 720
Topic 7
Special Topics in Computers and Digital Systems Software Kapre, Nachiket
ECE 730
Topic 30
Advanced VLSI Devices Wei, Lan
ECE 730
Topic 32
Biology and Computation Nehaniv, Chrystopher L.
ECE 730
Topic 36
Kim, Na Young
ECE 750
Topic 37
Engineering Self-Adaptive Software Systems

Tahvildari, Ladan

ECE 750
Topic 39
Reza, Tahsin
ECE 750
Topic 40
Advanced Reinforcement Learning Crowley, Mark
ECE 750
Topic 41
Zhang, Jialu
ECE 699A/B MEng Project Course Naik, Sagar
ECE 6601PD* Power System Components and Modeling Canizares, Claudio
ECE 6611PD Electric Machines and Motor Drives Kazerani, Mehrdad

* For Online Power MEng students only