Environment, Resources and Sustainability

From Problems to Solutions

Environmental challenges can seem overwhelming. We’re constantly bombarded with news and information about air and water pollution, climate change, habitat and species loss, food shortages and other problems that threaten humanity. In the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS), we understand the seriousness of these challenges – but we are focused on solutions that will allow us to navigate towards a sustainable future.

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Interested in Environment, Resources and Sustainability?

Find out all about our undergraduate program and the opportunities for a transdisciplinary view of the world in the video on the left below.

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Professor Rob de Loë's new research program brings art and science together to improve environmental awareness and understanding. Working with contacts from Ontario's conservation authorities, he has developed several projects that use photography for environmental storytelling about key watershed processes.

Augustine Osei discusses his selection of the PhD program in Social and Ecological Sustainability and his research which he is conducting under the supervision of Dr. Maren Oelbermann. He is currently studying greenhouse gas emissions during growing and non-growing seasons and using spectroscopy techniques to measure carbon sequestration.