Dustin Garrick appointed director of Collaborative Water Program

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

This appointment was originally announced by the Water Institute.

The Water Institute is pleased to announce that Dustin Garrick has been appointed director of the University of Waterloo’s Collaborative Water Program for a two-year term, effective January 1, 2024. Dustin is University Research Chair in Water and Development Policy, associate professor in SERS and a Water Institute member.

Established in 2013, the Collaborative Water Program (CWP) is unique at the University of Waterloo and globally for its interdisciplinary approach and focus on learning through hands-on experience. The aim is to train the next generation of water leaders and equip them with the job-ready skills needed to understand and address complex water challenges. The program attracts graduate students from across the University and all six faculties with 11 academic units. The program’s unique design allows students to complete their graduate training in their home departments while, in parallel, collaborating with students from across multiple disciplines in addressing complex water issues and challenges, ranging from water shortages and contamination to the effects of climate change and supply chain disruptions. Since inception, over 400 future water leaders have participated in the Collaborative Water Program. Recently the program celebrated its 10th anniversary where alumni, current students, faculty members and stakeholders celebrated its successes and explored future priorities.

"I am delighted and humbled by the opportunity to serve the Collaborative Water Program as its next director. The CWP fills a crucial need in training the next generation of water leaders to work together across disciplines and to bridge gaps between research and practice. Our priorities in the next two years are to build on the foundation of success over the past 10 years, ensuring we deliver value and impact for the students, faculty and partners in a fast-changing world. There are exciting opportunities to bring in a new wave of faculty and to refresh the way we teach and learn through the program. Together with the program committee and SWIGS, I am committed to strengthen the Collaborative Water Program ensuring its place as Canada’s leading interdisciplinary graduate water program and boosting its profile globally. Collaboration is in the title of the program and will be essential in this next phase, and we are hitting the ground running with 18 faculty involved in Water 601 this winter. Please reach out and join us!”     Dustin Garrick, Collaborative Water Program Director

More information about the Collaborative Water Program is available on the program website, or by contacting the Water Institute.