Environment Student-Athlete Award

environment student--athlete award

Environment students are highly interdisciplinary, with a diversity of passions, including sports, that enrich their studies as well as their physical and mental well-being. Juggling the financial and time-constraint demands of their academics and athletics is no small feat. The Environment Student-Athlete Award recognizes students who through the pursuit of both sports and studies, become resilient leaders and problem solvers with an awareness of social and sustainability issues.

Please consider supporting Environment Student-Athletes and taking advantage of the Faculty's matching opportunity for cash or pledge gifts over $2,500 in value. A maximum total of $40,000 will be matched.

"Athletics have given me a lot of confidence in myself, especially in regards to leadership and teamwork. I am not only more confident in my decision-making, but I also take criticism much better than before. Because I am comfortable being myself, I am much more approachable to my peers which helps them in turn feel more comfortable being themselves."

Karen Chen, ENBUS, Rugby

The environment student-athlete award will be available to full-time domestic and international undergraduate students enrolled in any year of any program in the Faculty of Environment, who are also members of a Warriors varsity team. Recipients are selected based on a combination of athletic talent, contributions to the team and school, and academic success criteria. A minimum of one award will be given out each year, at a value of ∼$1,200.