International students: Find out if you qualify for domestic tuition fees

How does immigration status affect my tuition fees? 

Tuition fees are assessed based on your domestic or international immigration status. For information concerning what determines your status, please refer to the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar or the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar. Our Fee Schedules provide information regarding your program’s tuition amounts based on your immigration status.

Where can I submit documentation for changes to immigration status? 

If you believe you may be eligible to qualify for the domestic tuition rate at University of Waterloo, you need to contact The Centre if you are an undergraduate student, or the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Office if you are a graduate student. Once they have confirmed your eligibility for domestic tuition, they will process the change to your status on Quest and your tuition charge will be adjusted subject to the deadlines indicated below. 

Is there a deadline to submit documentation for changes to immigration status? 

Tuition adjustments related to changes in immigration status will be processed for current terms only. Retroactive changes will not be considered. Immigration status change applications must be received by the Registrar’s Office, or Graduate Studies Office by the deadlines below to be effective for the corresponding term. Documentation provided after the deadlines will result in your immigration status changing for the following term. 

Study Term Deadline
Fall October 31
Winter January 31
Spring June 30

My fees adjustment has resulted in a credit balance. How do I obtain a refund? 

Refunds are processed once a term in the third month of the term. 

  • If the credit balance originates from an international payment, the credit must be returned to the international bank account from which the payment was initiated or remain on your student account to be applied to future charges.  

  • If the credit balance originates from a Canadian bank payment that you made, your credit amount will be automatically refunded to you provided that you have added your banking information on Quest, or held on your student account to be applied to future charges. 

I can see my tuition has changed from international fees to domestic fees, but I don’t see the UHIP charge on my Quest account. Should I contact SFS? 

You can expect to receive an email from Student Financial Services about your health coverage. 

Under some circumstances, you may be eligible to have UHIP coverage, please contact SFS for additional information.  

Additional questions 

For specific questions pertaining to immigration matters, please contact Student Success Office.