High praise for researchers' book bringing clarity to climate change

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sarah Burch, an assistant professor in GEM, has co-authored a new book bringing clarity and scope to our climate change conversation. 

Given that most discussions of climate change tend to be laden with dense scientific data, entrenched values, and various political dilemmas, is it any wonder that so many people find it hard to engage with this pressing issue? The book, Understanding Climate Change offers a concise, accessible, and holistic picture of the climate change problem, including both the natural and human dimensions.
Authors Burch and Sara E. Harris present climate change as both a scientific and a public policy issue. 
They walk readers through the key elements of the climate system, focusing on well-established facts as well as sources of scientific controversy. And they explore the connections between climate change and major social concerns, such as human health, poverty, and other environmental problems.
An engaging, integrated introduction to a complex, inescapable issue, Understanding Climate Change contains the tools needed for students, instructors, and decision-makers to become constructive participants in the human response to climate change.
The book has already received ample praise from the climate community.
Students without scientific backgrounds will find the approach refreshing and appealing, yet those with natural science training will still find it engaging and interesting." — Len Broberg, Director, Environmental Studies Program, University of Montana
"Written in an accessible style that will engage the reader, Understanding Climate Change is a well-balanced , comprehensive review of climate science and politics. The field has been crying out for such a resource." — Aled Jones, Director, Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University.
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