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Academic supports

There are many resources on campus to support your progress as an academic.

Starting Independent Research Module

The Library has created a module to support graduate students who are getting started on independent research. Content in the module is geared towards master's students, but is still valuable to those starting their PhD program.

Statistical Consulting and Survey Research Unit

The Statistical Consulting and Survey Research Unit (SCSRU) provides statistical advice to those working on research problems, in addition to offering a full suite of survey research services that include survey methodology and sampling frame consultation, questionnaire design, programming, data collection (telephone, web, mail, face-to-face, and mixed mode surveys), sample weights, and data analysis. SCSRU services support clients to get accurate, meaningful results.

Teaching Assistant Guide

The Successful TA: A Practical Approach to Effective Teaching is a practical guide which provides valuable information on topics such as interacting with course instructors, giving students feedback, and more.

Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision

The Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision outlines the roles and responsibilities of the student, supervisor, department and more.

Petition Process for Graduate Students

Petitions can be used when a student seeking exception to or relief from normal faculty or University rules and regulations. Check out our page on petition processes to learn more.

Working From Home Resources

Check out the GSPA’s page on working from home or remotely to explore tips and resources available to you.

University of Waterloo Policies

The University of Waterloo has many policies that may relate to situations of conflict, including: 

Graduate Studies Academic Calendar

The Graduate Studies Academic Calendar provides information on dispute resolution channels and responsibilities of various members of the graduate community: 

LinkedIn Learning

All University of Waterloo students have access to web-based training from LinkedIn Learning, which offers over 13,000 online courses to help you learn software, creative, IT and business skills. Just-in-time training offers unlimited access available 24/7. Get started with LinkedIn Learning.

Centre for Teaching Excellence

CTE supports graduate students at Waterloo through certificate programs, workshops, one-on-one consultations about teaching and teaching dossiers, and classroom observations.