IQC Executive Director named an APS Fellow

Monday, November 21, 2011

Prof. Raymond Laflamme has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Raymond Laflamme sitting next to a whiteboard
For his pioneering contributions to quantum information science, IQC Executive Director Raymond Laflamme has earned a fellowship in the American Physical Society.
The selection committee recognized Laflamme “for his visionary leadership in the field of quantum information science, and for his numerous fundamental contributions to the theoretical foundations and practical implementation of quantum information processing, especially quantum error correction and linear optical quantum computing.”
The American Physical Society is the world’s second-largest association of physicists, and publishes more than a dozen scientific journals, including Physical Review and Physical Review Letters.
Laflamme became IQC’s founding executive director in 2002, following a career as a research scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where his interests shifted from cosmology to quantum computing. He earned his PhD in cosmology and general relativity from the University of Cambridge under the direction of Stephen Hawking.
“It is a great honour to be named an APS fellow, and I am delighted that my work has been recognized by the scientific community of the American Physical Society,” said Laflamme.
“But such work would not be possible without the vital collaborations I’ve had with colleagues including the faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students at IQC, as well as within the university and abroad.”