Sample QKD Summer School Schedule 2019

QNC 2502 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 AM Registration + coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee  Coffee
9:00 AM Basics of cryptography
(Atefeh Mashatan)
Foundations of QKD security
(Renato Renner)
Foundations of QKD security
(Renato Renner)
Optical components for QKD
(Thomas Jennewein)
More QKD protocols: MDI,
CV,Twin-field QKD (Norbert Lütkenhaus)
10:00 AM Post Quantum Cryptography
(Geovandro Pereira)
11:00 AM QKD and networks
(Xinhua Ling)
12:00 PM Lunch at
St. Jerome's
Lunch at
St. Jerome's
Lunch at
St. Jerome's
Lunch at
St. Jerome's
Lunch at
St. Jerome's
1:15 PM Information theoretic security
(Doug Stinson)
The threat of Quantum
Computer (Michele Mosca)
Security analysis of  Optical
QKD implementations
(Norbert Lütkenhaus)
Optical QKD implementations
and protocols
(Thomas Jennewein)

QKD Sidechannels
(Shihan Sajeed)

2:15 PM Security analysis of  QKD
(Norbert Lütkenhaus)
Open questions in QKD
research (Norbert Lütkenhaus)
3:15 pm  
4:15 PM   Tutorial: Security Analysis of
6-state protocol
  Lab tours
5:15 PM    
6:30 PM Banquet dinner at
King Street Trio


Thomas Jennewein, Insititute for Quantum Computing
Xinhua Ling, evolutionQ
Norbert Lütkenhaus, Institute for Quantum Computing
Atefeh Mashatan, Ryerson University
Michele Mosca, Institute for Quantum Computing
Geovandro Pereira, Institute for Quantum Computing 
Rentao Renner, ETH Zürich
Shihan Sajeed, Institute for Quantum Computing
Doug Stinson, University of Waterloo