9. Support for professional development

Librarians/archivists are expected to engage in activities that enhance their professional development. The University of Waterloo Library (Library) is committed to supporting professional development and research that contributes to new and enhanced library service programs as well as access to and stewardship of research collections and resources through leaves, funding opportunities, and access to research materials, in keeping with Policy 18.3 - Staff Employment - Training, Development and Mobility

Librarians/archivists and their managers work in partnership to accommodate time away from other duties so librarians/archivists can engage in professional development opportunities and activities. For example:

  • preparing for presentations and publications

  • research planning, data analysis, etc.

  • reading professional library and information science or related literature

  • taking courses at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo) or another institution

  • various leaves, including attendance and participation at conferences

This section contains the following subsections:

9.1 - Professional development, research, and leave opportunities and related processes

9.2 - Non-professional development leaves

9.3 - Funding for professional development

9.4 - Purchase requests for research material

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