Appendix A: Probationary review guidelines



As outlined in Policy 18 - Staff Employment - Appendix A: Hiring at Waterloo - Probation Periods, a probationary period is part of the initial employment contract at Waterloo. Staff who transfer or are promoted from another role within Waterloo are not subject to another probationary period. However, the below recommendations apply to all non-administrative full-time and regular part-time librarians/archivists who are in
their first year of their first librarian/archivist position at Waterloo.

The normal probationary period for an incumbent is one year during which time their performance is regularly evaluated and conveyed by their manager (frequency to be determined by the manager and the incumbent) for the following recommendations.


  • the manager is encouraged to solicit feedback from some of the incumbent’s colleagues during the probationary period to help inform the manager’s decision making, and provide meaningful feedback to the incumbent related to professional development and career growth;
  • the incumbent and their manager are encouraged to have at least one conversation about the professional advancement process, and professional development during their first year of employment, and;
  • both the incumbent and their manager are encouraged to connect with colleagues who can provide the incumbent with mentorship, guidance, and insight into the advancement process and professional development.

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