Appendix B: Professional advancement procedures and criteria

Professional advancement from one rank to the next is available to all non-administrative full-time and regular part-time librarians/archivists with fully satisfactory job performance. It is the process through which a librarian/archivist (candidate) is reviewed by a group of their peers in regards to performance, impact on the organization and profession, and their readiness to advance through the professional ranks at the University of Waterloo.

It is the responsibility of librarians/archivists to participate in professional service activities, including the review and assessment of their colleagues. This responsibility extends to members of the library executive and department heads/managers, through their support and encouragement of professional development, research, and service activities as they pertain to the advancement of librarians/archivists.

This appendix outlines the procedures and criteria against which a candidate will be assessed for their suitability for advancement. It also details the roles of the Professional Advancement Review Committee (Committee) members and how they should evaluate the merit of a candidate's dossier. All potential committee members must declare conflicts of interest, as defined by Policy 69 - Conflict of Interest, for consideration and mediation by the University Librarian, the chair of the Committee. 

The following sections describe professional advancement:

The following supplemental information is provided to guide advancement candidates:

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