Appendix D: Funding for professional development

The University recognizes the benefits of ongoing professional development to both the individual and the institution. Librarians/Archivists attending conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, or other such activities related to their field of specialization may be granted leave with salary. Subject to budgetary constraints, the Library may also grant reasonable expenses, including registration fees, travel, hotel, and food. The following procedures apply to the application for funding and reimbursement of expenses for such leaves. For information about other types of leaves, see 9. Support for professional development and research.

Each year, library executive will establish a professional development request process and funding cap as part of the budget planning cycle. 

In addition,

  • funds permitting, library executive may grant additional funding for participation beyond attendance, such as presenting a session or being a panelist.

  • department heads, in consultation with their managers, have discretion to authorize travel expenses (i.e. mileage, bus or train costs, and meals where appropriate) for business or meeting purposes, where the event is within a day’s round trip.

  • library executive will address supporting special training sessions or workshops as opportunities and needs arise.

  • when attending a meeting, workshop or training opportunity at the request of the Library, funding is deemed to be for administrative purposes.

D.1 Criteria for funding

Requests are judged individually on their own merits. There is no formula-driven method of determining which requests will be granted and at what level of funding. Should a request for funding or part thereof be denied, one’s manager will indicate the reasons for the decision.

The following criteria reflect principles and standards that may be used to assess the merits of a request and to determine the allocation of funds. These criteria should be kept in mind when applying for funds:

  • benefit of the professional development activity to the individual;

  • benefit of the activity to the Library and/or its partners; 

  • benefit of the activity to Waterloo;

  • contribution of the activity to the profession;

  • role of the requestor in the activity (e.g., contributor vs. attendee);

  • relationship of the activity to previous skill/knowledge development;

  • proposed outcomes as to the dissemination of knowledge and information and the extent to which the requestor becomes a resource to others; i.e., evidence of active sharing and usage of experience gleaned.

D.2 Request process

Requests should be submitted using the appropriate form in accordance with Policy 31 - Travel:

The following guidelines are relevant to specific sections of the form: 

  • all reasonable attempts should be made to secure travel and accommodation consistent with reasonable comfort and economy. Green options are encouraged when planning travel;

  • estimated costs should include applicable taxes and currency exchange rate used; 

  • registration for association conferences is funded at the member rate. Early bird registration rates should be secured if available. When the Library holds an institutional membership in an Association for which non-members can register at the institutional rate (e.g., Ontario Library Association, 2-person privileges), application to use this rate should be noted on the Request for Funding form; 

  • incidental transportation costs such as airport transportation, taxis and other ground transportation should be included.

When a professional development activity (including travel when required) falls on a Saturday or Sunday or on a Waterloo holiday, equivalent time off (up to seven hours per day) may be taken at a time to be arranged with the individual’s manager.

D.3 Reimbursement process for approved funding requests

The University’s Concur system is used to request travel Advances for out-of-pocket, upfront costs incurred (eg. conference registration, airfare, etc.), as well as reimbursement for travel expenses.  Travel policy and other Concur information, including initial set-up of your user profile can be found on the Library's SharePoint site. Please contact the Library Financial Officer with any questions.

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