Access to 830,000 items through new HathiTrust emergency service

Monday, August 23, 2021

University of Waterloo is now a member of the  HathiTrust, an international community of research libraries with more than 150 members, chiefly in the U.S. and Canada, which, collectively, has preserved more than 17 million digitized print items. 

HathiTrust logoThis page was updated August 23, 2021 (originally posted July 29, 2020).

In response to library closures due to COVID-19, HathiTrust has temporarily made over 830,000 book and journal volumes from the University of Waterloo’s print collection available online for our students, faculty and staff to help us support learning and research during this uncertain time. Under this program, Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS), any print book held in the Library’s collection that is also contained in the HathiTrust Digital Library can be accessed by faculty, staff and students for full-text, online reading. 

Access to in-copyright materials is temporary as long as the pandemic continues to significantly interrupt in-person learning and research. With the University operating on a hybrid teaching model for fall 2021, the Library continues to focus on digital resources and consultations to provide safe, consistent and equitable support to all library users. 

As per the terms of agreement with HathiTrust, items available online through ETAS are not eligible for the Library’s book pick-up or mailing services or for physical browsing within library spaces. 

Waterloo students, faculty and staff can access titles that are part of the HathiTrust by searching the library catalogue from the Library’s home page. 

  1. Relevant titles will come up in search results with an “Available online” link
  1. To view online, click “HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access (ETAS)”
  1. Log in with your Waterloo user id and password

Please note that:

  • Users will have 60 minutes of access to the item on the HathiTrust website during any session. Items will automatically be renewed if you remain active on the item and no other user has requested it. As a courtesy to others, please check the item back in when not in use. 
  • Access to in-copyright materials will be suspended once access to Waterloo’s print collections is reinstated.
  • Use of materials through the HathiTrust ETAS service is governed by the ETAS terms of use.
  • The number of copies available for each book coincides with the number of print copies Waterloo owns. If all copies are in use, users can request it but must wait until one is released.
  • This service is intended for individual research use and cannot accommodate group use.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We may be able to provide access through other means. Ask us.

 Waterloo Library’s partnership with HathiTrust 

This arrangement has been made possible via University of Waterloo Library’s membership in HathiTrust — a non-profit partnership of academic and research institutions that preserves digitized books, journals and other print materials, and makes them as accessible as possible.

By offering this service HathiTrust is helping us to continue to support teaching and research while we are physically distancing to protect the health of our community. 

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