From Doerr to Dare: The Story of a Canadian Business

This exhibit was curated by Laura Taylor with assistance from Eva Lau.

The Dare Story

Doerr's Candies delivery carIn 1889, Charles Doerr opened a small grocery store on the corner of Breithaupt and Gzowski (now Weber) in Kitchener, Ontario. With the help of a baker from Guelph, Doerr began selling biscuits and candies, which quickly took over the grocery business. C. H. Doerr & Co. would evolve into Dare Foods Limited, a multinational company. The company’s long and successful history is a testament to its adaptability and responsiveness to a changing society.

  1. Beginnings - Doerr's Early Focus

  2. Maintaining Quality in a Time of Growth

  3. Post WWII Economic Boom

  4. The Advent of Television

  5. Corporate Social Responsibility

Special Collections & Archives houses the Dare Foods Limited fonds and its accruals, donated by Dare Foods Limited and the Dare family.