H. Spencer Clarke Says The Russian Program a Success

After returning to Canada, Spencer amassed a very large number of newspaper clippings. Articles were either interviews of his experiences, reviews of his lectures, or other relevant clippings to the Soviet Union. Some of Spencer's scrapbook articles can be viewed below, with accompanying transcripts.

  1. Youth Movement in Russia Impresses Toronto Visitor
    October 26, 1931
  2. Sees Years of Progress for Soviet Russia
    January 9, 1932
  3. Russia of To-day is Shown in Pictures
    May 6, 1932
  4. Russia Today Described by Spencer Clark
    January 20, 1933
  5. Russian Life is Described
    February 7, 1933
  6. A Lesson in Co-operation in Russia's Four-year Plan Speaker Tells Westernites
  7. Great Changes Seen in Russia
  8. Russia Portrayed as Modern Utopia by Spencer Clark