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Throughout his journal, Harry frequently complains of the bugs and pests which seem to plague the couple wherever they go.

Harry's diary entry

[...] cockaroches [i.e. cockroaches] eat us alive. have simptoms [i.e. symptoms] of [underlined: Lice] [...]

— May 2, 1930

Harry's diary entry

[...] found bed Bugs and plenty of fleas in Bed. no good. its tough.

— August 31, 1930

Due to bees, Harry and his companion Jack cannot even enter their home at one point:Harry's diary entry

Jack and I went for a walk. came back couldn't get in the house. it was full of bees. Had to stand out in the cold 2 hrs.

— April 11, 1930

As the summer months approach and the weather begins to warm, Harry notices the emergence of flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs.Harry's diary entry

[...] Flies + Mosguitos [i.e., Mosquitos] make it Look like its [Snowing, S overwritten [1 letter illegible] [...]

— May 12, 1931
Harry's diary entry

Peculaar [i.e., Peculiar] Bugs & flies are making their appearance, Very poisonous insects [...]

— June 10, 1930

In dealing with the poisonous insects, Harry constructs a screen door to keep the flies out, which his neighbours go out of their way to examine:

Harry's diary entry

Made screen door, people come for Miles to inspect the funny thing, and Modern way of Keeping out flies. Millions of flies

— June 11, 1930

Rodents too, seemed to roam the Byers' home, although Harry does not write of them as often as the other pests.

Harry's diary entry

Killed Mouse under [crossed out: Bead] Bed Looked for. Lice. + found Some [...]

— September 8, 1930

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