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Norman C. Schneider joined the Canadian militia in 1915 as a lieutenant. He served with the 108th Regiment and signed up for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force May 3rd, 1916 and he became part of the 118th Battalion of Kitchener.

Schneider's appointment certificate.

Appointment Certificate, 1915.
Norman C. Schneider's certificate of appointment as an officer in the Canadian Militia, rank of Lieutenant.'


Officers training portrait.
108th Regiment.

Officers training class portrait, 1915.

Front row, left to right: Al. Pernfuss, E.S.H. Woolner, Harry Porteous. Russel, Leo Leyes, J. Harold Smyth.

Kneeling: Fred Davies, Norm Schneider, Solon Albright, Harry Halliwell, Brown, Hallman, McKelvie.

Standing: Sergeant Major Kreutzer, Reinhold Lang, Lionel Washburn, Carl Heinrich, Dr. Rittinger, Mr. Wier, Frank Rooney, Col. Bowman, Hugo Bingham.


Ross rifle manual.  Canadian Army Service Corps training manual.  Canadian Soldiers manual.  Otter guide 1914.Canadian Forces training manuals. Owned by Norman C. Schneider.

The 118th Battalion

The 118th sailed out of Canada in January 1917. In spite of Schneider's previous service record, he was found to be medically unfit for service and was not allowed to sail overseas with the rest of his unit. Although he fought this, he eventually returned to civilian life.

118th Battalion

118th Battalion.
"Trooping the colours"
Victoria Park, 1916.


Letter from House of Commons.

Letter from House of Commons, Jan. 22nd, 1917.

"I can assure you that it was with regret that I received your telegram not to take further action regarding your case with the Militia Department. I certainly had everything running along nicely at this end, but if you cannot pass the medical inspection it will no doubt be wiser for you to go back to civilian life."


Exemption certificate. Military Service Act, 1917.
Exception Certificate.

"This is to certify that Norman C. Schneider ... whose occupation is Shipper, is exempted from being called up for duty as a soldier: Allowed until the service of men in medical category "E" are required. Nov. 22nd, 1917."

Permits to Leave Canada

Granted to Norman C. Schneider between late September, 1917 and mid-June, 1918 for personal and business purposes.

                Permit to leave Canada.        Permit to leave Canada.

                                                             Page source: GA 134 series 14.04

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