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Management Sciences is an academic department within the Faculty of Engineering that offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree in management engineering, an undergraduate option in management sciences, and both research and course-based graduate degree programs. 

Management sciences is a broad interdisciplinary study of problem solving and decision making in organizations. It uses a combination of analytical models, data science, and behavioural sciences to address societies' most complex problems.

Conducting meaningful research that will impact industries and economies, our students and faculty work under three core areas of specialization: applied operations research, information systems, and management of technology. 

  1. Nov. 13, 2018Startup provides a pipeline to co-op housingJack Forbes and Zach Lima

    A couple of disastrous co-op housing experiences were the inspiration behind a Capstone Design project that has developed into a startup company with the goal of ensuring students on work terms find decent and affordable accommodation.

    PadPiper is an online site designed to help co-op students and interns locate verified furnished housing.

  2. Oct. 26, 2018Key to improving MRI access is data-driven time management

    New scheduling policies could double the number of patients able to access magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) testing within recommended waiting periods.

    In a recent study involving analysis of 3.7 million anonymous patient records and computer simulations, management sciences researchers, led by Prof. Hossein Abouee Mehrizi, developed strategies that increased the proportion of patients receiving timely scans to 66 per cent from the current rate of 33 per cent.

  3. Oct. 2, 2018Teaching innovation brings industry-sourced experiential learning opportunities to the classroomStudents in Shah's class

    Umair Shah, a lecturer in the Department of Management Sciences has adopted an innovative approach to bridge the ‘industry-academe’ divide by piloting the use of the Riipen  platform at the University of Waterloo.

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  1. Nov. 19, 2018Management Sciences seminar | Armann Ingolfsson: "Comparison of Fluid Approximations for Service Systems with State-Dependent Service Rates and Return Probabilities"

    We compare two models of a multi-server queueing system with state-dependent service rates and return probabilities. In both models, upon completing service, customers are delayed prior to possibly returning to service. In one model, the determination of whether a customer will return occurs immediately upon service completion, at the beginning of the delay. In the other, that determination is made at the end of the delay, capturing the idea that it takes time for the customer’s condition and needs to evolve or assess, before it becomes known whether a return to service is needed.

  2. Nov. 26, 2018PhD Defence | Kourosh Malek: "Typology of Business Models for Emerging Grid-scale Energy Storage Technologies


    Jatin Nathwani, Management Sciences

  3. Nov. 27, 2018MASc thesis seminar | Yaohan Li: "Patent Technological Diversity and Examination Outcomes in China"

    This study examines how duration of patent examination is affected by technological diversity of patent applications, using a sample of all pharmaceutical patent applications filed between 1985 and 2017 at China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). Patent examination is a crucial process to evaluate the patentability of technological inventions. To understand what factors influence patent examination duration can offer strategic insights for both patent applicants and patent system designers.

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