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Management Sciences is an academic department within the Faculty of Engineering that offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree in management engineering, an undergraduate option in management sciences, and both research and course-based graduate degree programs. 

Management sciences is a broad interdisciplinary study of problem solving and decision making in organizations. It uses a combination of analytical models, data science, and behavioural sciences to address societies' most complex problems.

Conducting meaningful research that will impact industries and economies, our students and faculty work under three core areas of specialization: applied operations research, information systems, and management of technology. 

  1. July 24, 2018Bikeshare could increase light rail transit ridership

    A new study co-authored by Management Sciences Professor Lukasz Golab found that coupling bikeshare with public transit could help increase light rail transit (LRT) ridership.

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  2. July 24, 2018Applicants to Engineering programs sell themselves differently based on gender

    In new research by Management Sciences professor Lukasz Golab, it was found that engineering applicants sell themselves differently based on their gender. Males often described how their technical skills and experience matched the profession. In contrast, female applicants want a career that enables them to impact and improve society. These findings could help universities better market themselves to attract more female engineering applicants.

  3. July 9, 2018Management Engineering alum joins women's golf coaching staffDevon Rizzo

    Devon Rizzo (Management Engineering alum, 2015) is one of the most decorated female golfers in the history of the program. She is joining the University of Waterloo's women's golf team for the 2018 season as an assistant coach.

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  1. Sep. 24, 2018Water Institute Water Research Conference: Breaking Boundaries in Water ResearchWater Institute Water Research Conference: Breaking Boundaries in Water Research

  2. Sep. 24, 2018Management Sciences Seminar | Xuan Zhao: "Tax or Subsidy? An Analysis of Environmental Policies in Supply Chains with Retail Competition"

    This paper investigates the impacts of two environmental policies: pollution abatement subsidy and emission tax, on a three-tier supply chain, where the manufacturer distributes via multiple competitive retailers and invests in a pollution abatement technology in manufacturing. The government pursues social welfare maximization, while the manufacturer and retailers are profit driven. We find that the subsidy policy offers the manufacturer greater incentives to abate pollution and yields higher profits for channel members.

  3. Oct. 4, 2018Design research seminar: Dr. John S. GeroDr. John S. Gero

    Dr. John S. Gero

    Research Professor
    Department of Computer Science and School of Architecture
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Research Professor
    Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study George Mason University

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