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Management sciences is a broad interdisciplinary study of problem solving and decision making in organizations. It uses a combination of analytical models, data science, and behavioural sciences to address society's most complex problems.

Exploring studies in Management Sciences

Interested in pursuing Management Engineering or Management Sciences Option in your undergraduate studies? Learn more about the programs and requirements before applying.

Management Sciences offers graduate programs at the Master's and PhD levels, emphasizing research engagement and professional development, setting you up for success in any industry.


Students and faculty in Management Sciences conduct research in three core areas of specialization: applied operations research, information systems, and management of technology. Find out more about each area and join a reserach lab.

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  1. Apr. 24, 2023Management Engineering co-op student pivots from web developer to stock trading
    Stefan Zivkovic

    Stefan Zivkovic, a third-year Management Engineering student shares his co-op experiences and how he went from a web developer to stock trading in two years.

    Term 1: Systems and process engineer at Epic Parking Control Services, Canada.

    Term 2: Web developer at Horizn, Canada.

  2. Apr. 11, 2023Human-AI collaborative resume screening tool wins 2023 capstone design award
    Project Calamansi

    Fifteen management engineering capstone design projects were recently showcased at the 2023 Management Engineering Capstone Design Symposium. Students identified and tackled emerging problems in a range of domains and industries including healthcare, social services, human resources, lifestyle, and education. Their innovative and impactful solutions offer critical process improvements and decision support tools to serve individual and institutional stakeholders.

  3. Oct. 28, 2022Management Sciences staff recognized for outstanding performance

    Shelley Vossen, undergraduate advisor/co-ordinator in the Department of Management Sciences, was the recepient of a 2022 Faculty of Engineering Outstanding Staff Performance Award. The award recognizes staff who make outstanding contributions to the learning and working environment in the Faculty of Engineering. 

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