Courses and curriculum

For detailed information on the most recent Management Engineering program and curriculum, please visit the undergraduate studies calendar.  

For previous versions, please see the list of undergraduate studies archived calendars. In this link, select the year your program began. Then in the sidebar, click on "Faculty of Engineering", then "Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering specific degree requirements", and then "Management Engineering". 

Below you will find more detailed information about some of the courses you will take in the management engineering program:


Options provide engineering students with paths to expanding their degrees. An option is a specified combination of courses that provide a secondary emphasis in another subject or a career-oriented area. As such, options often require taking extra courses beyond your degree's minimum requirements. Options appear on graduates' university degrees. 

Management engineering students are eligible to take on any options, except the Option in Management Sciences. Popular options for management engineering students are Artificial Intelligence, Computing, Entrepreneurship, and Statistics.

More Information

Management Engineering students complete a design in their final year, utilizing their skills and working in teams with a faculty supervisor to solve real-world problems. 

Other undergraduate engineering students have the opportunity to incorporate the option in Management Sciences (MSCI option) in their engineering degree program.

The Faculty of Engineering offers an Accelerated Bachelor's - Master's degree program to high-achieving Waterloo undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies.