Accelerated Master's Program (MASc) in Management Sciences

Open to University of Waterloo BASc students only

The Faculty of Engineering offers an Accelerated Bachelor's - Master's degree program to high achieving Waterloo undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies. 

See the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Admission details for Accelerated Master's programs, and how to apply

Students must apply for admission to the Accelerated program (PDF)  in their 3B term. If admitted to the Master of Applied Science (MASc) program, students will undertake graduate work during their 4A and 4B terms.

The Bachelor's degree is awarded at the normal completion of the undergraduate program; graduate course (maximum of two) credits are applied to the Master's program resulting in a reduction in the number of terms required to complete the MASc program.

Management Sciences Accelerated BASc-MASc program requirements

In addition to the Faculty of Engineering principles, the Department of Management Science and Engineering will consider applicants to this program if they meet the 80 percent overall average requirement.

The Accelerated BASc-MASc program requires completion of five graduate level courses plus a thesis and a graduate seminar. 

There is no project option in Management Sciences. Core courses (MSCI 603, 605 and 607) may be exempt based on undergraduate courses completed.

A maximum of three of the core courses can be exempt with credit (they do not have to be replaced). If the fourth core course is exempt it would be without credit and must be replaced with an elective.

Supervisors from the Department of Management Science and Engineering have to be found for students before they are admitted to this program even though they may satisfy the academic requirements. Interested students are encouraged to talk to individual Management Science and Engineering faculty members and explore possibilities of research and supervision. Both the academic program and financial details should be worked out between the student and the supervisor. These arrangements must then be approved by the Management Science and Engineering associate chair for graduate studies.


Students accepted to the Accelerated BASc-MASc program can take, during their 4A or 4B terms or during their undergraduate work term, as extra to degree, up to two approved Management Science and Engineering graduate courses which could count toward their MASc degree. These courses will not count toward their BASc degree requirements and can only be taken with written approval of the graduate course instructor, their supervisor, the Management Science and Engineering associate chair for undergraduate studies, and the Management Science and Engineering associate chair for graduate studies.

With approval of the supervisor and Management Science and Engineering associate chair for graduate studies, work done by students during their fourth-year work term(s) under the direction of the supervisor can be included in their MASc thesis. Note: If the work is done in industry, permission from the company for the work to be published will be necessary