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Folio 033vDetailed manuscript information (based on Ernest Langlois, Les manuscrits du Roman de la rose. Description et classement. Geneva: Slatkine Reprints, 1974, p. 48-49):

Parchment, measure: 325x231mm, 200fols numbered by a rubricator, at two columns, 37 lines. Beginning of second folio: D'un aiguillier mignot et gent. Binding with Napoleon's coat of arms. The Roman appears on fols 1-157r, followed by the Testament on fols 158r-167v. Fol. 168 is left blank followed by the Sept articles de la foi on fols 169r-200r and the Codicille on fol. 200r-v.

Scene depicted
Lady Reason descends from her tower to meet the Lover in order to instruct him in the art of love.


  1. On last flyleaf: Ce livre est au duc de Berry. Jehan.
  2. Following the Roman, several ex-libris have been erased and are illegible.

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