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Ilham Akhundov

Director of Mathematics Business and Accounting Programs
Ilham Akhundov
519-888-4567 x:43113
Location: M3 2012
Link to profile: Ilham Akhundov

Elshan Alekberov

Business Manager, Math Business and Accounting
Dr. Elshan Alekberov
519-888-4567 x:41488
Location: M3 2004
Link to profile: Elshan Alekberov

Peter Balka

Peter Balka
519-888-4567 x:45546
Location: M3 2007
Link to profile: Peter Balka

Surya Banerjee

Mathematical Economics Program Director/Advisor
Surya Banerjee
519-888-4567 x:49120
Location: M3 2017
Link to profile: Surya Banerjee

Peter Blake

Continuing Lecturer
W. Peter Blake
519-888-4567 x:41074
Location: M3 2011
Link to profile: W. Peter Blake

Keith Freeland

Continuing Lecturer / Business Administration and Mathematics Double Degree Director/Advisor
Keith Freeland
519-888-4567 x:43356
Location: M3 2016
Link to profile: R. Keith Freeland

Olga Kanj

Lecturer / Business Administration and Mathematics Double Degree Advisor
Olga Kanj
519-888-4567 x:40722
Location: M3 2138
Link to profile: Olga Kanj

David Landriault

Professor / Associate Chair – Actuarial Science
David Landriault
519-888-4567 x45552
Location: M3 3123
Link to profile: David Landriault

Michael Liu

IT Management and Math/Business Administration Programs Director/Advisor
Michael Liu
519-888-4567 x:41147
Location: M3 2009
Link to profile: Michael Liu

Brent Matheson

Continuing Lecturer / Math Financial Analysis and Risk Management Program Director
Brent Matheson
519-888-4567 x:47212
Location: M3 2006
Link to profile: Brent Matheson

Riley Metzger

Lecturer / Statistics - Undergraduate Officer
Riley Metzger
519-888-4567 x45502
Location: M3 4202
Link to profile: Riley Metzger's profile

Marcia Taylor

Administrative Coordinator and Advisor
519-888-4567 x46203
Location: M3 2001

Stephen Vavasis

Stephen Vavasis
519-888-4567 x42130
Location: MC 6304
Link to personal webpage: Stephen Vavasis' personal website

Tony Wirjanto

Tony Wirjanto
519-888-4567 x45210
Location: M3 3013
Link to profile: Tony Wirjanto
Link to personal webpage: Tony Wirjanto's personal website

Peter Wood

Assistant Dean of Online Instruction and Lifelong Learning
Peter Wood
519-888-4567 x:49159
Location: M3 2109
Link to profile: Peter Wood