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Living-Learning at Grebel

 If you are interested in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) as a possible future subject of major interest, you may apply to be part of one of Grebel’s Living-Learning programs with other students who share your program. A limited number of spaces are available.


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Be part of a diverse residence community of 142 students from all faculties and programs, while enjoying the benefits of growing with a small group of PACS or Music students and faculty. You will participate in academic events, benefit from the experience of peer leaders as you plan your goals, and make an impact on your friends as you share what you are learning with the wider Grebel community.




"The PACS Living/Learning Program was a very valuable experience for me in my first year. It gave me an excellent opportunity to meet some of the awesome people in my program and make some good friends. Outside of our academics, the Living/Learning program also gave us a chance to meet up with each other, engage in all sorts of activities, eat good food, and talk about issues that were important to us.  The program was a fantastic experience that guided me along in my first year of PACS, and helped me make some good friends in the process!"

- Kieran Klassen, 2nd year Honours Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Science Major

In Grebel's PACS living-learning program, you will:

  • live with other students who are interested in PACS;
  • engage in dynamic discussions around conflict resolution, social justice issues, global affairs, personal implications, and more;
  • participate in projects and events that bring awareness and make a difference;
  • get to know faculty from the PACS department through activities, discussions and project planning; and
  • learn from the experiences of upper year PACS students. Discuss elements of Grebel's PACS program, course offerings, projects, etc.

Apply to Grebel to be part of a Living-Learning program.