Adjunct and Emeriti Professors

Name Areas of specialization Email
Fred Bird
Professor Emeritus | Adjunct Professor
International development & business; The practices of global ethics; The political economy of global poverty; Comparative ethics; Max Weber

Sandra Burt
Professor Emerita

Gender issues; Interest groups and public policy; Canadian politics

Alan Cairns
Professor Emeritus (University of British Columbia) | Adjunct Professor

Canadian politics
Matthew Hoffmann                 Adjunct Professor Global environmental governance

Ashok Kapur
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Nuclear proliferation; South Asian international relations and politics; Regional security in Asia-Pacific region  

Tanya Korovkin
Professor Emerita

Politics of developing areas; Latin American politics and development

William Moul
Professor Emeritus

Political causes of human misery; Methodology of Social Sciences

Mark Sedra                          Adjunct Assistant Professor

International Security; Peace and Conflict Studies; Middle East Politics

Andrew Thompson              Adjunct Assistant Professor Conflict and security, Multilateral institutions

Robert J. Williams
Professor Emeritus

Canadian municipal government and politics; Ontario provincial politics; Public policy for the arts and culture

R. Peter Woolstencroft
Professor Emeritus | Adjunct Professor

Canadian politics (national and provincial); Comparative federalism; Politics of education; Political geography