Aaron Ettinger

Adjunct Professor

International Relations; International Political Economy; US Foreign Policy


Fred Bird
Professor Emeritus | Adjunct Professor
International development & business; The practices of global ethics; The political economy of global poverty; Comparative ethics; Max Weber fbird@uwaterloo.ca

Sandra Burt
Professor Emerita

Gender issues; Interest groups and public policy; Canadian politics


William Coleman                 Professor Emeritus

Public policy, Globalization studies, Global Governance, Politics of Indigenous Peoples


Matthew Hoffmann                 Adjunct Professor Global environmental governance mjhoff@utsc.utoronto.ca

John Jaworsky                     Professor Emeritus

Politics in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; Politics of nationalism and ethnicity; Comparative public administration


Ashok Kapur
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Nuclear proliferation; South Asian international relations and politics; Regional security in Asia-Pacific region  

Tanya Korovkin
Professor Emerita

Politics of developing areas; Latin American politics and development


William Moul
Professor Emeritus

Political causes of human misery; Methodology of Social Sciences


Andrew Thompson              Adjunct Assistant Professor Conflict and security, Multilateral institutions asthompson@uwaterloo.ca

Robert J. Williams
Professor Emeritus

Canadian municipal government and politics; Ontario provincial politics; Public policy for the arts and culture


R. Peter Woolstencroft
Professor Emeritus | Adjunct Professor

Canadian politics (national and provincial); Comparative federalism; Politics of education; Political geography pwool@uwaterloo.ca