Adjunct and Emeriti Professors

Fred Bird
Professor Emeritus | Adjunct Professor
International development & business; The practices of global ethics; The political economy of global poverty; Comparative ethics; Max Weber

Sandra Burt
Professor Emerita

Gender issues; Interest groups and public policy; Canadian politics

William Coleman                 Professor Emeritus

Public policy, Globalization studies, Global Governance, Politics of Indigenous Peoples

Matthew Hoffmann                 Adjunct Professor Global environmental governance

John Jaworsky                     Professor Emeritus

Politics in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; Politics of nationalism and ethnicity; Comparative public administration

Ashok Kapur
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Nuclear proliferation; South Asian international relations and politics; Regional security in Asia-Pacific region  

Tanya Korovkin
Professor Emerita

Politics of developing areas; Latin American politics and development

William Moul
Professor Emeritus

Political causes of human misery; Methodology of Social Sciences

Andrew Thompson              Adjunct Assistant Professor Conflict and security, Multilateral institutions

Robert J. Williams
Professor Emeritus

Canadian municipal government and politics; Ontario provincial politics; Public policy for the arts and culture

R. Peter Woolstencroft
Professor Emeritus | Adjunct Professor

Canadian politics (national and provincial); Comparative federalism; Politics of education; Political geography

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