PSCI 497 Study Abroad Experience

 Course Description

PSCI 497 Study Abraod Experience

In the semester that you plan to be abroad enroll in PSCI 497 Study Abroad (0.5 credit). This course will be available online and will require students to reflect on their experience of living and studying abroad.

Students will submit a proposal that lays out learning goals for their study abroad term such as intercultural interaction, or understanding the interconnectedness of systems and practices in local/global contexts.

During the semester, reflect on your experience and present a final project that integrates your coursework on contemporary politics, policy and governance with your study abroad experience. The final project can be, but is not limited to a standard written report.  We encourage students to work on a creative final output such as a blog, website, video, podcast, poster board, photo essay etc.

What are the course expectations?

PSCI 497 is designed as a SLICC course (student-led, independently-created course).  Students are required to plan, propose, carry out, reflect on and evaluate on their learning experience as they conduct research on their chosen current issue/topic. The timeline below provides an overview of course assignments and when they are due.

How should I enroll in this course?

Students are blocked from self-enrollment in this course and will instead be redirected to complete the PSCI 497 Study Abroad Experience Enrollment Request. The deadline to submit this application is the first day of classes of the semester in which you wish to take the course. 

If you have any questions, please contact