PSCI 495 Research Apprenticeship in Political Science

Course description

PSCI 495 Research Apprenticeship

In PSCI 495 Research Apprenticeship in Political Science students work as a research assistant with a political science faculty member. Each position is a 40-hour unpaid experience designed to hone research and writing skills. Students complete a project with a faculty member upon enrollment in the course.

What are the course expectations?

Course expectations will vary by faculty supervisor and semester.  These deliverables will be clearly specified in the job descriptions for the various positions available in the department in a given semester. You will have access to these job descriptions in the online enrollment application (see below).

How does grading work in this course?

The grade in this course will be determined by the faculty supervisor.

How should I enroll in this course?

You will be blocked from self-enrollment in this course and will instead be redirected to complete the Research Apprentice Enrollment Application. The deadline to submit this application is the first day of classes of the semester in which you wish to take the course. Please note that this is a competitive process and therefore submitting your application sooner rather than later, and providing complete information about yourself is in your best interest. If your application is approved, you will be admitted into the course in the first week of classes. Students who are not selected will have the remainder of the add-drop period to find an alternative class.

If you have any questions, please contact