Annual graduate student conference

Can we Rely on International Organizations?

Keynote Speaker: Aaron Ettinger

graduate student conference information poster

The Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo is pleased to announce that the annual Graduate Student Conference will take place on March 8, 2019 at the Balsillie School of International Affairs.

We are seeking research papers that explore the role international organizations play in the global sphere and analyzing their effectiveness – or arguably lack thereof.

It is encouraged that presenters complete their paper before the conference date, but not mandatory. However, if you are interested in being featured in the Political Science Grad Journal Inquiry & Insight, final papers need to be submitted at a later date.

Shifting Power in the 21st Century (2018) (PDF)

Keynote speaker: Alistair D. Edgar

Shifting power in the 21st century posterWe are seeking research papers that explore changing power relations, not only between states, but also different levels of government, institutions, and non-state actors in the 21st century. This theme of changing power relations is seen in the rise of China, the power of populism in the election of Donald Trump, the increasing power of cities as supranational actors, among others. We will ask: how do we understand today’s new or changing political power dynamics? A broad discussion of changing power relations and arenas will demonstrate the need for continued study of modern political issues.

The conference aims to incorporate papers that cover a wide array of topics related to this year’s theme. We encourage submissions in the areas of International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Theory, Canadian Politics, Public Policy, Political Economy, National and International Security, International Development, and Environmental Politics. The conference will be divided into panels in order to allow presenters to interact with others in their field.

The Trend Towards Global (Dis)Integration (2017)

conference poster Keynote speaker: Pierre Lizée

In light of recent events such as the Trump Presidency and Brexit, this one day conference will focus on the shift towards global (dis)integration. The conference will include discussions of the relationships between trade and economics, security, and public policy as they contribute to global (dis)integration.

Accepted papers will also be considered for admission into Inquiry & Insight, the peer reviewed University of Waterloo Graduate Student Journal of Political Science.

Politics of Change: Shifting Democratic Priorities in the 21st Century (2016)

conference posterKeynote speaker: Joseph Wong

This one day conference will consist of 3 panels, as well as a special panel for our distinguished keynote speaker, Joseph Wong.  Accepted papers will also be considered for admission into Inquiry & Insight, the peer reviewed University of Waterloo Graduate Student Journal of Political Science.

Topics of interest
The conference is designed to appeal to topics ranging from local to international democracies.  Areas of interest might include: security, foreign policy, constitutional conflict and reform, elections, international trade agreements, and models of democracy/democratic innovations.

Rising Powers: Power shifts in Global Governance (2015)

Grad conference posterKeynote speaker: Kathryn Hochstetler

How do growing powers of small states affect power dynamics in the world?  What power shifts are taking place in the agriculture and food industries?  How does China's emergence as the second largest oil importer affect the countries it invests in?  Will the BRICS nations remain united? Or will the group disintegrate?

Revolution, Revolt, and Radical Change (2014)

2014 grad conference posterKeynote speaker: George Comninel (York University)

The annual university of Waterloo graduate students conference in political science is excited to announce this year's theme on the topic of Revolution, Revolt, and Radical Change! The conference will be held at the university of Waterloo March 6th-7th, and will include presentations by several graduate students. In addition, this year's conference will include a special keynote presentation by Dr. George Comninel of York University! We invite all interested parties to attend, and share in what promises to be a revolutionary experience!

Transitions: Shifts & Transformations in International Relations & Comparative Politics (2013)

Grad conference 2013 poster.Keynote speaker: Grace Skogstad (University of Toronto)

We invite undergraduates, graduates and faculty to attend the University of Waterloo's Graduate Conference in Political Science. The aim of the conference is for students to share and engage with different research interests concerning this year's theme of changes occurring in Comparative Politics and International Relations. Audience members are encouraged to pose questions and share their input with our presenters.

Security, Development and International Relations: Conflict & Cooperation in a Changing World (2012)

Grad conference 2012 poster.Keynote speaker: Thomas Homer-Dixon (University of Waterloo)
The Architecture of Global Crises: Emergence of Synchronous Failure 

The first graduate conference organised by the students of the Political Science department at the University of Waterloo was Security, Development and International Relations: Conflict and Cooperation in a Changing World. This academic event aimed to engage students with a broad range of research interests relevant to the evolution of global dynamics. The central themes of this conference were security studies, international development and international relations.

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