Ashok Kapur

Distinguished professor emeritus | Adjunct professor

Ashok Kapur.
Dr. Kapur retired in 2006 after 35 years of university teaching and administrative service including 6 years as Department Chair.

 He is author/co-author/editor of 15 books  and numerous academic papers on South Asian strategic affairs with an emphasis on nuclear weapons and non-proliferation issues, Indian Ocean strategic affairs, India's diplomacy and China's international relations and negotiating behavior. His academic travels included visits and meetings in various Asian, European and Middle Eastern capitals and in North America.
Now, semi-retired, he continues to write and is exploring the dilemmas leaders and officials in Asian countries such as China and India face in formulating their interests, plans, discussions and decisions as they seek to modernize. Although national debates are conducted in a modern idiom, traditional society competes with modernism in a country's political space. This contention is a key part of 21st century international society and it affect Western policy-making and thinking.

His current work is to revise and update (he is a co-author) the 7th edition of 'Government and Politics in South Asia', a textbook published by Westview Press. In progress is a paper on the historical evolution since the mid-1800s of China's approach to diplomatic negotiations.