Christopher Bennett

Adjunct instructor

Christopher Bennet teaching
Areas of Specialization

Contemporary political theory

Environmental ethics and climate justice

History of ideas


BA (Queen’s), MA (Queen’s), PhD (Warwick)


Christopher Bennett’s research interests cover a wide range of topics in political theory, climate ethics, and the history of ideas. His recent work focuses on conceptions of justice between generations that can help guide contemporary responses to climate change. More specifically, he works on the development of an intergenerational schedule of savings and its application to the problem of climate justice. This is part of a wider research program that considers what, if any, duties of justice hold between generations. He is currently working on the challenge of incorporating population growth into theories of intergenerational justice.

Christopher has previously taught at Warwick University, the Bader International Studies Centre (UK), and Queen’s University.

Additional information

For more information, please see Dr. Bennett's personal website.