PD7: Conflict Resolution

PD7: Conflict Resolution helps students understand, avoid, and resolve conflict in the workplace. There’s more to conflict resolution than smiling and apologizing — it takes communication, patience, and an understanding of complex concepts like escalation and triangulation. Conflict can also be healthy — and even beneficial — depending on the situation. Students who take PD7 gain a deeper understanding of conflict and start applying the course’s concepts to their professional and personal lives.

What do PD7 students do?

  • Identify their personal preferred communication style
  • Develop strategies for working with difficult people
  • Reflect on their personal experience with conflict in the workplace
  • Connect course concepts to real conflicts using theoretical models and case studies

If you've completed PD7 and want to feature the course on your résumé, you're welcome to use and adapt the following bullet points in a "Professional Development" or "Relevant Courses" section:

  • Analyzed complex conflict scenarios and identified key factors for conflict resolution using Intent-Action-Effect and Position and Interest models
  • Applied strategies for healthy workplace communication to news articles, case studies, and personal reflections, and wrote healthy conflict dialogue
  • Recognized the importance of adopting different communication styles to de-escalate and solve conflicts
  • Synthesized knowledge of conflict resolution skills by writing an in-depth personal reflection on past conflict, including consideration for lessons learned and future professional/personal development

How are PD7 students graded?

PD7 students complete a series of assignments over the course of the term. To pass the course, students must earn an overall grade of 50% or higher. Students must also earn a grade of at least 50% on the final assignment. Students can deepen their learning by completing a bonus assignment worth 5% during the term.

If you have a question about grading in PD7, contact the course team using the information in the sidebar.


PD7’s instructor is Betty Pries, a sessional instructor in the department of Peace and Conflict Studies at Conrad Grebel University College.


PD7 is offered during the Fall and Spring terms.

Enrolment information

PD7 is an elective PD course for students in all faculties. Students must enrol themselves in the course using Quest.

Contact information

Course team: pd7@uwaterloo.ca

ISC: Natalie Clifford natalie.clifford@uwaterloo.ca