Pure Math welcomes new faculty members

Thursday, July 2, 2015

We are delighted to welcome new faculty members Matt Kennedy, Vern Paulsen and Matt Satriano to the Pure Math Department.

Matt Kennedy has come to us from Carleton University. Matt lists his research areas as operator algebras, noncommutative function theory, and analytic group theory.

Vern Paulsen joined us from the University of Houston and holds a joint appointment with Pure Math and the Institute of Quantum Computing. Vern's research interests include operator algebras, operator theory, frame theory, reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces, quantum computation and quantum information theory.

Matt Satriano has come to us following post-doctoral positions at the University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Matt's research interests include algebraic geometry, invariant theory, Hodge theory, toric geometry and log geometry.

A big welcome to all three of our new faculty members!