Remembering George Cross

Friday, September 25, 2020

George Cross in 1967
We’re sad to announce the passing of George Elliot Cross on Thursday, September 17.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, George attended Dalhousie University to complete both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Following his graduation, he headed West and taught undergraduate math at Victoria College and the University of British Columbia where he completed his doctorate in 1958.

Upon graduation, George moved again to Southwestern Ontario where he joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. In the very early years of Waterloo, 1963, George moved again to join the Department of Pure Mathematics. He stayed at Waterloo until his retirement in 1992 and held several positions including department chair, dean of graduate studies (see the announcement in the Chevron) and president of the Faculty Association (FAUW).

More details about George’s life can be found in his obituary.