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Ideas start at the University of Waterloo, and the Office of Research helps convert ideas into opportunity.

The Office of Research is the university's central point connecting scientists on campus or associated with Waterloo to opportunities for funding and a variety of services, including commercialization. Office of Research staff support researchers through the many phases of research including ethics review and managing funds.

Research is an integral and intensive area at Waterloo. In 2015-16, faculty, staff, and students attracted more than $182 million from public and private sources to fund research across a spectrum of challenges. Waterloo's strength in research excellence is supported by partnerships with industry, creating opportunities that generate new knowledge and further Canada's economy.

  1. Mar. 27, 2017Congratulations to Waterloo 3MT 2017 winners

    Winners of the University of Waterloo 3MT competition have been announced and the winner will advance to compete in the Ontario Provincial final.

  2. Mar. 23, 2017Survey will reduce rates of malnutrition in hospitals

    University of Waterloo researchers have created a tool aimed at decreasing the rate of malnutrition in hospitals. Known as the Mealtime Audit Tool (MAT), it will help dietitians, doctors, and nurses identify why a third of patients in acute care settings don’t eat the food on their trays.

  3. Mar. 22, 2017Partnership seeks entrepreneurial solutions for threats to Great Lakes

    The Water Institute at the University of Waterloo and the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation launched a three-year partnership that will combine water research and tech to mitigate threats to our vital water resources.

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  1. Mar. 29, 2017CBB Workshop: UWaterloo Intellectual Property Part 4 Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Industrial Designs

    The top three most valuable brands in the world in 2016 (according to Forbes) were Apple ($154.1 billion), Google ($82.5 billion), and Microsoft ($75.2 billion). Learn how to create and protect your brand's value by attending the free trademark presentation.

  2. Mar. 30, 2017Monitoring Pathogen Concentrations in Sewage to Inform Treatment Goals and Public Health Risks

    As part of the Water Institute's WaterTalks lecture series, Joan B. Rose, winner of the 2016 Stockholm Water Prize and Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research at Michigan State University, presents: Monitoring Pathogen Concentrations in Sewage to Inform Treatment Goals and Public Health Risks.

    Paid parking is available in several lots. Lot C is recommended and should have availability.

  3. Mar. 30, 2017GRADtalks: Measuring climate change, science or politics?GRADtalks banner

    Doctoral students explore one research theme from interdisciplinary perspectives.

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