REDI Council members

Chair: Anita Layton, Associate Dean, Research and International; Professor of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Pharmacy and Biology

Andrew Barker, Director, Institutional Research, Office of Research

Brian Dixon Professor of Biology

Carolyn Ren, Professor of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Catherine Burns, Executive Director, Health Initiatives and Sponsored Research, Office of Research; Professor of Systems Design Engineering

Craig Janes, Director, School of Public Health and Health Systems; Professor of Applied Health Sciences

Tamara Zur, Project Manager, Equity Office

Jenny Flagler-George, Senior Manager, Research Equity, Office of Research

Marek Stastna, Professor of Applied Mathematics

Roxane Itier, Professor of Psychology

Sarah Burch, Senior Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation; Fellow, Balsillie School of International Affairs; Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Management