Research Data Management Institutional Strategy

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At the University of Waterloo, our Research Data Management (RDM) Institutional Strategy responds to the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy, which mandates that all institutions must have an institutional RDM strategy by March 2023. The “agencies believe that research data collected through the use of public funds should be responsibly and securely managed and be, where ethical, legal and commercial obligations allow, available for reuse by others.” Here at Waterloo, we see this as an opportunity to help foster research excellence by developing an RDM strategy that meets the diverse needs of Waterloo researchers. 

After two years of research, feedback, and extensive consultations, the Research RDM working group co-chairs Alison Hitchens (associate university librarian, collections, technology and scholarly communication) and Ian Milligan (associate vice-president, research oversight and analysis) are thrilled to share the RDM Institutional Strategy Plan.

Frequently asked questions

Below are more frequently asked and/or more general questions about the RDM Institutional Strategy. Questions about RDM more broadly will be addressed in future FAQ documents.

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Building the RDM Institutional Strategy took a village, across campus. Our sincerest thanks to our sponsors: Charmaine Dean, the Vice-President, Research and International; Beth Namachchivaya, the University Librarian; and Bruce Campbell, the Chief Information Officer.

The members of the RDM Groups and Board provided invaluable input, time and effort invested towards the RDM strategy. 

Working group

Bruce Muirhead, Associate Vice-President, Research and International

Christina Kroeker, Senior Manager, FANS

Diane Johnston, Associate Vice President, Management Services

Jason Testart, Director, Information Security Services

Joel Dubin, Professor, FAUW Representative 

Julie Joza, Director, Research Ethics

Kathy Szigeti, Liaison Librarian, Information Services and Resources, Davis

Leslie Copp, Director, FANS (CIHR Project Grants)

Neil McKay, Director, Research Systems and Analytics, Office of Research

Sandra Keys, Liaison Librarian, Information Services and Resources, Porter

Sara Anderson, Manager, Research Program Development and Partnerships, Indigenous Initiatives

Wendy de Gomez, Research Analysis and Proposal Development Officer, Engineering


Advisory board

Amir Khajepour (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering)

Anne Quah (ITC Managing Director and Senior Research Scientist; Psychology)

Anwar Jaber (Architecture; Postdoc)

Dan Brown (Cheriton School of Computer Science)

Dawn Parker (School of Planning)

Greg Vey (Staff; Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change)

Jack P. Callaghan (Kinesiology and Health Sciences)

Janice Aurini (Sociology)

Kelly Skinner (School of Public Health Sciences)

Kevin Bonnell (Graduate Student Association)

Marek Stastna (Applied Mathematics)

Rodney Smith (Chemistry)

Sara Anderson (Office of Research)

Sarah Guthrie (Data Team Leader, CORE/Optometry)

Sharon Roberts (Renison University College)

Stephanie Lluis (Economics)

Tamara Zur (Office of Research)

Wesley Van Wychen (Geography)

William Wong (School of Pharmacy)


Focus groups

Data managers

Bhaleka Persaud

Carly Huitema

Chantelle Verhey

Hadi Dhiyebi

Kate Battista

Information technology

Andrew McAlorum

Harsh Kirit Roghelia

Lori Paniak

Martha Foulds

Indigenous data

Kelsey Leonard

Kelly Skinner

Rhona Hanning

Talena Atfield

Mallory Drysdale


A special thank you to our consultants from Athenaeum21, Christine Madsen, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, and Megan Hurst, Co-Founder, CXO + Principal Consultant, for their expert experience and diligent research to constructing the RDM strategy. 


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