Commercialization success

Named most innovative university in Canada by Maclean's magazine, the University of Waterloo has many commercialization successes including:

New digital simulation tool for gear machining saves time and money

New technology can extend the battery life of electronics by 30 percent

New model reduces bias and enhances trust in AI decision-making and knowledge organization

New technology offers simple, low-cost method for encapsulation

Costas Tzoganakis wins the En-Hui Yang Engineering Research Innovation Award

Tire recycling company treads lightly to contribute to a circular economy

Protecting the earth, one sustainable layer at a time

Nanomaterial film startup competing for $1-million prize in cleantech challenge

New deep knowledge AI system interprets biosequence data in seconds

Waterloo software improves care for kidney patients

Major investment excels next-generation battery research

Paving the way for a digital X-ray and health-care revolution

WatCo secures $250,000 to commercialize IQC quantum source

Managing Canada’s crumbling assets

Changing the view on videos

Nanoparticle technology is a game changer for dry-eye sufferers (for more information, see the business opportunity for industry)

Waterloo startup wins prestigious global award for technology that recycles tires

How many scientists does it take to change the light bulb?

Waterloo competes at world’s richest student startup competition

WatCo secures $157,000 in commercialization funding for a technology that feeds to the roots of our food supply

University of Waterloo announces licensing agreement with Milliken & Company for is technology on Hydrosilylation of Polypropylene targeted for additives for specialty chemical market

Waterloo Pharmaceuticals Inc: the next step in curbing antibiotic resistant bacterial infections

Pultrall Inc. licences Waterloo technology targeted at solving worldwide concrete infrastructure challenges

To market we will go

WatCo secures $145,000 in commercialization funding for superstructure fiber bragg grating sensor technology

Accelerator Centre client Tyromer closes $750,000 financing round

Tyromer Inc. launched to drive tire-recycling green business

Segasist receives $750,000 in capital for spin-off

WatCo secures $180,000 in commercialization funding for Wireless Media Express™ (Technology Summary)