• organizes, coordinates and chairs board meetings
  • has oversight of board of directors activities and events
  • liaisons with university officials and the public
  • serves on the nominating committee


  • acts for the president as requested, e.g., chairs board meetings or MCs events in the president’s absence
  • assists the President as requested
  • chairs the nominating committee
  • normally is nominated to be the next president

Past president:

  • serves as an ex-officio member of the board of directors during the term of the next President
  • serves on the nominating committee
  • provides historical background information to the board of directors as requested
  • is available to undertake specific tasks when requested by the president


  • monitors UWRA income, expenses, and investments
  • makes the deposits and payments
  • prepares and presents reports and financial statements to the board and general membership
(519) 754-5314

Membership coordinator

  • keeps an up-to-date database of members of UWRA, other UW retirees, and surviving spouses.
  • receives information about new retirees from HR
  • sends letters to new retirees inviting them to become members
  • receives membership forms from those accepting the invitation to join, records new members’ status (Life or Annual), email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Executive Secretary:

  • prepares and distributes the agenda and the minutes of meetings in consultation with the President
  • maintains original documents for official files
  • arranges monthly meeting rooms
  • serves on the nominating committee
Contact for: 
WATtimes newsletter

The WATtimes Editorial Group is made up of the following members:

Bob Hicks Co-editor                         bob.hicks@uwaterloo.ca

Ron Champion Co-Editor                rchampion@uwaterloo.ca

WATtimes newsletter Editorial Group:

  • plans articles, including regular features, and coordinates with authors, photographers, and the board, for three yearly issues
  • maintains contact with the Office of Advancement and Human Resources
  • collates files and photos and sends to Creative Services for actual layout and printing after proof reading is complete
Contact for: 
Web site feedback

UWRA webmaster:

  • designs, maintains and updates the UWRA website for the retiree community
  • works with the board to develop content
  • has strong knowledge and understanding of the internet, computer software, web servers and related applications
Contact for: 
Pension and benefits

Pensions and benefits representative:

  • monitors developments related to all matters affecting the pensions and benefits of all UWaterloo retirees
  • does so as a full voting member of the Pension and Benefits committee, appointed by the university’s Board of Governors on recommendation of the UWRA President
  • makes regular reports to the UWRA board and to retirees

Social co-chair, luncheons:

  • plans two yearly luncheons in consultation with the board
  • arranges for speakers and their needs, the site and the menu
  • sets price, produces tickets, and collects and deposits payments
  • advertises the events through WATtimes, the website and email

Social co-chair, fall reception  and AGM:

  • sets the date and place of these events in conjunction with the board
  • works with managers and caterers on details of menu, attendee numbers, and the costs
  • helps to set up venue on the day of the event
  • advertises the events through WATtimes, the website and email

UWRA Scholarship and Bursary Fund/Waterloo Faculty, Staff and Retirees Giving Program:

  • monitors and reports on the financial status of donations to UW retiree endowments for scholarships, and for bursaries
  • provides to the Board information on the annual winners of the undergraduate and graduate student awards
  • liaises with the University’s donation program, working closely with the Office of Advancement
519-888-4567 x47165
E7 2436
Contact for: 
Member at Large
519-888-4567 x32726
EC5 2073C

University Liasion:

  • Provides a monthly campus update at the board meetings
  • Provides to the Board information on how to improve processes
  • Acts as the liaison for the Board with the University
  • Provides support to the Board in all areas

Ester Kipp *

Kay Hill *(1995-2001)

Robin Banks*(2000-2012)

Harold Ellenton(1995-2007)

Marlene Miles(2001-2008)

Jim Kalbfleish*(2001-2012)

Shirley Thomson*(2007-2014)

Bob Norman(2008-2016)

Terry Weldon(2006-2018)

Alan George (2015-2021)

*with us in spirit